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So, what’s it all about…?

May I begin with a short clarification – the posts here are not reviews; no stars, hats, rubber chickens or directional thumbs will be awarded. The purpose of the ensuing installments is to recognise good people and places doing good work – simple. It’s food, not “foodie”. There will most likely be a strong focus on coffee, as such expertise to which I may lay claim reside almost exclusively in this field. Most of the venues presented will be located in Adelaide, but posts may stray to those beyond the southern state, as do I on occasion.

If you see something you like, go check them out. As an avid supporter of independent businesses I’ll be encouraging readers to break out and engage with new culinary / caffeinated opportunities.

I welcome your comments and encourage discussion, suggestions or ramblings. I’ll probably even engage you in swapping dumb abuse, as such a public format often invites.

thanks for stopping by

thanks for stopping by


6 thoughts on “welcome

  1. Hi there, Barossa Valley Brewing would like to extend an invitation to you for next week, to come and experience the unique insights of our new BrewChef alana brabin. Alana joins us from the Thirsty Crow microbrewery in Wagga and is one of the few chef’s who cook with, drink and match beers with beers. we’d love to showcase her work.

  2. I have been previously viewing this site and I am enlightened! Really useful guidance, will bookmark your web page and use it in a coming article, thank you so much

  3. Rosie says:

    Spot on! Noisy children using the cafe as a race track is not condusive to a pleasant coffee experience.

  4. fungas007 says:

    Timmy, i was hoping to get in touch with you regarding one of your images on your blog. can you please contact me at fungas007@hotmail.com so i can chat via email? thanks

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