Please Say Please

Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000

{Preamble} TBH I’ve had this write-up kicking around in my “to publish” folder since shortly after Please Say Please first opened, but have only just got back on the tools and decided to throw it out there. If you have not yet hit up this babe of the Adelaide coffee scene, then crawl out from whatever dreary rock you’ve been under and go get you some!

{So,} A battle for territory is raging amongst retailers in Adelaide’s CBD, with the coffee sector one of the most fiercely contested. Coffee Branch own the West End, while Howling Owl, Nano’s, Sad, Exchange (and others) duke it out for bragging rights in the Eastern belt. Yet the “city proper” has remained something of a black hole, left primarily to the petty squabblings of faceless franchises. Enter polite and adorable terrier “Please Say Please”; one of the smallest cafes in the city, intent on making the biggest impact. They’ve raised their roller-door – and raised the bar – to reveal a new realm of truly high-calibre caffeination.* psp02

I’ve stumbled across a handful of reviews unintentionally underselling Please Say Please as “Melbournian” – perhaps due to their distinctive hole-in-the-wall-ish-ness, and maybe reinforced by their choice of roaster in Victoria’s renowned Proud Mary. While the venue is incontestably hip and pokey (replete with upcycled pallet decor), the brick and cement build exudes a casual eccentricity and approachability that are uniquely Adelaidian. Likewise their coffee – which is what PSP are really all about – is subtly tweaked for an SA crowd.

Tremendous care is taken in the service and presentation of all beverages, with Dan (your reigning state latte-art champ) and his hand-picked team making no attempts to disguise their coffee-geekery, rather, embracing it with gusto. (Follow @PlzSayPlz for terrific displays of raucous punnery and regular latte-art throwdowns, decided by public vote.) Drink-in space is strictly limited, highly coveted and fiercely contested, but as takeaway constitutes the bulk of their trade, this by no means detracts from the experience, contributing to the sense of cheerful hustle and/or bustle.

Overall the coffee is downright exceptional; sweet and nothing but pleasant, with juicy single origin espressos offered as counterpoint to the House. As the weather warms, cold-brewed teas and iced filter options unfurl across the menu like beach towels onto sand (only with fewer tassels). Considering the modest proportions of their venue, Team PSP manage to offer great variety in their coffee service, extending even to tasting flights; espresso / short white / filter coffee, all brewed using the current single origin. (At a measly ten bucks, it’s well worth overstaying your afternoon tea break for.) See here.

psp03Kings of social media, even the PSP cake shelf has achieved iconic status, having attained a remarkable level of fandom for its MVPs (Most Valuable Pastries) which include weekly cronuts and a marvellous myriad of macarons (Bubble-o Bill, Tic-Toc, Milo, “ANZACarons” and strawberry “milkshakarons” all popular past features). Toasted sandwiches, occasional soups and a variety of retail items have also recently been added to the spread – establishing PSP as a true contender in the battle for your lunch hour dollar.

psp01Please Say Please is built upon an ethos of openheartedness, humility and – above all – attention to those few aspects of the industry that actually, truly matter. They are mindful not to overextend themselves and operate comfortably within the parameters of their venue and resources. The customers’ experience is paramount and they’re content to happily service those who “get” them, and let others pass on by. Evidently this approach keeps them plenty busy with the space consistently occupied by a steady stream of mall shoppers / bus stoppers. Oh, and remember to say “please”, please.

Thanks for stopping by. Be well, TV.

*as mentioned in the preamble, this has components lifted from an older draft and yes, the Mall is lifting it’s coffee game. Both Larry & Lad and Bar 9 Central are now on the case, and to each, a tip of my cap. Watch this space.

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